Fahne / Flag
alte Griechische Fahne im Wind / old Greek flag in the wind
griechischer Krankenwagen / greek Ambulance
Orangen / Oranges
griechische Orangen - die besten der Welt / greek oranges - the best in the world
während der Behandlung / during treatment
Insel / Island
griechische Insel / greek island
mit dem ORF / with the ORF
Neuer Transporter / new transporter
nach dem Brand der Norman Atlantic / after firing of Norman Atlantic
Junge / Boy
während der Behandlung / during treatment
Kapelle / Chapel
alte griechische Kapelle / old greek chapel
Mädchen / Girl
während der Behandlung / during treatment
Medikamente / Drugs
Medikamente sind Mangelware / Drugs are in short supply
Meer / Sea
Das ägäische Meer / The Aegean Sea
Stiege / Stairway
Eine Stiege nach dem Erdbeben / A stairway after the earthquake
Haus / House
nach dem Erdbeben / after the earthquake
Schild / Sign
Eingangsschild eines Klosters / A sign on a a monastery

The Griechenlandhilfe is a non-profit association founded in autumn 2012. The association purchases charitable purposes by alleviating as far as possible unbearable conditions in the Greek social and health care system. Due to the economic and financial crisis more and more Greeks are facing unemployment which often results in the loss of (social) insurance coverage and any claim on the provision of medical services. The Griechenlandhilfe aims to give support by regularly delivering medical goods and supplies to Greek hospitals and social practices treating persons without health insurance. Thanks to the generosity of our supporters tons of auxiliary (medical) goods have already been delivered to hospitals, childcare institutions and social facilities. Due to the precarious situation in Greece we are continuously confronted with new projects and challenges, however. Our association is therefore regularly cooperating with other NGOs (e.g. SOS Children's Village, Doctors of the World) in order to respond to concrete needs.

Erwin Schrümpf - The founder of the Griechenlandhilfe

Our bank accouont for donations:

Account name: Griechenlandhilfe
Bank: Raiffeisenbank Henndorf am Wallersee
BLZ: 35024
Kto.Nr.: 97121
IBAN: AT74 3502 4000 0009 7121

Every little help is welcome! Thank you!

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!!! Donations of medicines can only be accepted if the expiration date is still 6 months ahead, and if the original packing is still unopened !!!

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